The new Tools and Resources Hub on CitiesWithNature


What is the Tools and Resources Hub?

The Tools and Resources Hub is now live on the CitiesWithNature website.

We are excited to share that the Tools and Resources Hub of CitiesWithNature was launched early July! This new functionality on the CitiesWithNature platform offers a wide range of reliable resources and cutting-edge tools on biodiversity, nature-based solutions, ecosystem restoration, and more. Local and subnational governments signed up to CitiesWithNature have access to all functions of this database, but anyone can browse, learn and be empowered to act for nature in and around their cities.

Over 200+ carefully curated tools and resources are already available on the hub, and the database will grow further as more tools and resources from ICLEI Regional Offices, partner organisations and cities are added. Local and subnational governments that are signed up to CitiesWithNature are able to upload and share their own tools and resources on the hub. As the hub aims to offer tools and resources that are globally, regionally and/or locally relevant, please upload and share your tools and resources, or if you have not yet joined CitiesWithNature let us know about tools and resources that you specifically would like to see on the hub. All tools and resources shared should be available in the public domain and have an associated weblink that can be used to upload it.

Cities need to make many choices on a daily basis. The new CitiesWithNature Tools & Resources library is a place where they can find useful and up to date information, practical tools and guidance that will help them make those choices.

 – Amanda Stone, Yarra City Council, Australia


How Does it Work?

You can access the Tools and Resources Hub even if you are not registered on CitiesWithNature yet. If you are a city, and have signed up, you can access the Tools and Resources Hub and also upload your own.

To access the Tools and resources Hub, you should go to the CitiesWithNature website and click on the MORE button, which is located in the menu bar at the top of your screen. Once you click on MORE, a drop-down will be made available and you will see ‘Tools and Resources Hub’ as part of the drop-down list. You can click here to access the hub.

Once you are in the Hub, you will be able to browse and engage with 200+ Tools and Resources that have been uploaded. Each tool/ resource provides you with a link to the downloadable PDF version.

If you are a registered city, you can login to your account and browse, engage or upload your own resource.

If you would like to upload one of your own tools or resources, you may click on the “upload a resource tab” and follow the steps provided on the website and fill in the required information.

Want to know more?

If you have any queries about the Tools and Resources Hub or another aspect of CitiesWithNature, please let us know and we would be glad to assist. Thank you very much for your support and involvement in CitiesWithNature.