ICLEI endorses National Park City launch in London, emphasizing the importance of building CitiesWithNature

London recently became the world’s first National Park City and launched the NPC Universal Charter. ICLEI and CitiesWithNature endorsed this vital step to creating stronger human-nature connections in cities and welcomes London as it proceeds to join CitiesWithNature.

On 22 July 2019 London became the world’s first National Park City (NPC) when it launched the London National Park City Charter.

“A greener future is central to my vision for London and I’m proud we’re officially the world’s first National Park City,” said London Mayor, Sadiq Kahn.

All individuals and cities can become part of this movement toward a better life in our cities by signing the NPC Universal Charter, which was launched on the day preceding the event.

ICLEI Cities Biodiversity Center (CBC) Global Director, Kobie Brand, gave some words of endorsement at the launch, on behalf of both ICLEI and the growing CitiesWithNature Partnership Initiative, both of which are partners of the NPC Foundation. In support of the initiative, CitiesWithNature showcases the Universal Charter to its growing community of practice as one of the ways we can collectively build CitiesWithNature, and encourages everyone, everywhere, to take action – no matter how small – toward this vision.

“As we fast approach the year 2020, arguably the most critical moment in the history of our planet where the global ‘New deal for Nature’ will be negotiated, cities are at the forefront of the action needed to see better connections between people and nature. And today, London is showing us that cities are ready to stand up. To stand FOR and WITH nature.”
– Kobie Brand, Global Director: ICLEI Cities Biodiversity Center

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