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Colima rises to an average altitude of 643 meters above sea level, the sub-humid climate predominates and the temperature fluctuates annually between 24 ° C. It houses 140,909 inhabitants in the urban area, having commerce and services as its main economic activities. It has a great variety of green spaces that translate into 1,410.62 hectares and 11.6 m2 of green area per inhabitant. It has 220 species of trees in the urban forest and the city.

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Latin America & Caribbean

Head of Government

Photograph of Mayor of Colima of Municipality of Colima. Leoncio Alfonso Moran Sanchez

Mayor of Colima of Municipality of Colima

Leoncio Alfonso Moran Sanchez
I. Analyze1.Commit & Mobilize1. & Assess3.Set Baseline4.Develop Strategy5.Detail & Finance Projects6.Implement & Monitor7.Integrate & Collaborate8.Review & Upscale9.Advocate & InspireII. ActIII. Accelerate

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