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London is Europe's second largest city. It is also one of the greenest, with almost half of the land within the administrative boundary being comprised of parks, gardens, woodlands, rivers, natural habitats and farmland. The city has had a long history of protecting green space through land-use policies in the London Plan. As the city continues to grow green infrastructure is being incorporated into the built environment.

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Photograph of Mayor of Greater London Authority. Sadiq Khan

Mayor of Greater London Authority

Sadiq Khan

My London Environment Strategy makes it clear that I want all Londoners to live in a city in which the air is clean, green space is accessible, wildlife is conserved, and urban regeneration provides an opportunity to make the city greener. I also want to share our knowledge and expertise in urban ecology and green infrastructure and learn from other pioneering cities. That is why I am delighted that London is part of the CitiesWithNature Network

I. Analyze1.Commit & Mobilize1. & Assess3.Set Baseline4.Develop Strategy5.Detail & Finance Projects6.Implement & Monitor7.Integrate & Collaborate8.Review & Upscale9.Advocate & InspireII. ActIII. Accelerate


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